Wednesday, 20 July 2016

REVIEW: Esther 'Overthrown'

The success of Esther’s single, ‘As One’ comes as no surprise. The track is catchy and uplifting and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

Strong vocals, bass guitar and drums take centre stage for each verse of ‘Overthrown’ with a catchy lead guitar riff being introduced closer to the chorus. From a personal opinion the chorus holds most of the magical properties of this track and unfortunately the chorus is much shorter than the individual verses. However, the simplicity of the verses does appear to compliment the complex layers that make up the chorus.  The instrumental sections of the track can’t be faulted, all instruments work beautifully together, creating a coherent sound. Although, some of the bars of the track sound a little messy when vocals are reintroduced. The overlapping of musical styles doesn’t always hit the mark but their unique inclusion of various styles does set this band apart from others.

The synth oriental sound of ‘Phosphenes’ boasts a delicious bass riff and a vocal tone that demonstrates qualities influenced from possible rock vocal styles, along with a soulful undertone, revealed in the pronunciation of the words.  At around 50 seconds into the track a guitar riff is introduced that will most definitely have you thinking of summer road trips and the possibility of adventure. It is just as easy to get lost in this song, as it is with their track ‘As One’. Both tracks demonstrate similar styles, however ‘Phosphenes,’ has more of a heavier sound near the end of the song but both tracks end abruptly, as opposed to fading out.

‘Reign’ begins with a similar sound, that is produced with steel drums and gives the impression that it’s more of a ‘POP’ song. However, the vocals are far from Pop and ‘Reign’ sounds much deeper and heavier than the other tracks. The song has a very strong rock influence throughout and even though the band has included various other musical styles, this particular track sounds a lot more harmonious than ‘Overthrown’.

‘Our Boats Will Moor Up Again’ begins with a long intro solely consisting of keys, providing an atmospheric sound that could remind one of the church. This track gives off a very different vibe to the others, in that it feels more intense, like somewhat of a ballad and focuses primarily on one musical style. The vocals in the track sound quite nasally, however, many famous bands actually encourage that type of tone from their singers.

Esther have a unique and eclectic sound and the EP is well worth a listen. The impressive instrumentals are most definitely one of the major highlights of the EP, but it’s not the only thing that Esther has to offer. For example, their bass and electric guitar riffs are exhilarating and are bound to give you chills.

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