Friday, 1 July 2016

Nahko + Medicine For The People: 'Hoka' Album Review

Like Pop music? Into Reggae? Tipple in a bit of Folk? Fancy a bit of Indie? Cool. Well all of that is available to you in this new masterpiece of a record by Nahko + Medicine For The People in their new album 'Hoka'. The World Music collective with frontman Nahko Bear have a mahoosive amount of music influences and manage to feed in cultural styles too. Their latest release is inclusive of styles such as rap, urban, reggae, pop, folk, indie, jazz, blues and many more. It's really quite something...

This album has something for everyone. Throughout there is a pop sensibility that carries each song though often glittered with the styles previously mentioned. These guys are also lyrical geniuses carrying strong messages in their music and delivering them in a very image invoking way.

Some of the transition tracks including opener 'Hoka' and 'Give A Little, Get A Little' give a real insight into the true cultural influences the band have including much of Nahko's heritage. They are tracks that prove that the band have taken their time to create this record including more than one feature and using it to showcase more talent outside of the band. 'Backbone' and 'The Wolves Have Returned' also support this greatly.

'We Are On Time', 'Love Letters To God' and 'Tus Pies' carry the mid-section of the album offering and old-school rap/pop banger in 'Love Letters To God'. Much like Black Eyed Peas when they dropped 'Where Is The Love' and had the world humming along this feels like a bit of an underdog anthem much the same. 'Tus Pies' brings the same uplifting feeling as Avicii's number one track and breakout song 'Wake Me Up' whilst 'We Are On Time' is

Nahko + Medicine For The People have managed to weave in a huge amount of influences and styles into their music. This could have easily sounded disjointed but they have fused the styles to create a beautiful blend that feels edgy but structured. Highlights of the album and singles 'It Is Written' and 'San Quentin' stand as two songs that will have you murmuring the chorus' for days on end.

Overall it's hard to knock the album. It flows beautifully and is inclusive of many styles and manages to fuse them so as they don't feel disjointed. The music is passionate and emotive bringing something that really hasn't been fully explored in this way before and bought the a wider fanbase.

FFO: Mumford and Sons, Paul Simon, Black Eyed Peas, Passenger

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