Sunday, 10 July 2016

Jack Ellis: 'The Storm' Single Review

The Storm is truly a beautiful work of art in two senses. The track itself for one features a beautiful guitar riff paired with amazing recorded drums bringing the track a popular feel very reminiscent of Ben Howard I thought.

It is then complimented in the choruses with heavy guitar riffs and drums creating a more alternative feel to the track. The vocals are gorgeous throughout and the lyricism is genius, the whole track feels to me like an acoustic song done right and a pop song done right at the same time and I love it.

The Music video is another piece of art, the cinematic work is beautiful and unlike a lot of music videos tells a narrative. The track is also beautifully recorded and I think it definitely would have fell short if it wasn’t so hats off to the studio and producer behind it.

8/10 Strong music video and an even stronger song, beautifully put together and a true work of art.

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