Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Interview: Everyday Sidekicks

With just under 2 weeks until post hardcore outfit Everyday Sidekicks unleash new single 'Fracture' upon the world, we wanted to know what makes them tick, who they look up to and the all important question; what does the future hold? 

First off, any musical influences? Such as musicians that inspired you to become a part of the industry?

We have so many musical influences between us, everything from A Day To Remember, Architects, Periphery and Slipknot, back round to Ed Sheeran, Arctic Monkeys and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. We all regularly go to festivals and gigs. Watching these bands playing to so many people is so inspiring to watch and it really motivates us to push on.

In your short time as a band, you seem have a following that is growing rapidly, have you noticed this yourselves? In terms of at live shows?

Definitely. Bristol is always incredible to play, we have a strong following in here. We pull a large crowd at these shows and we have had great support from other bands in the area. It’s like a huge family at times. Playing shows in other cities can sometimes be a challenge but we’re branching out a lot more now and the crowds are starting to pick up. We’re certainly selling more merch and noticing more people wearing our tees and singing along, which means so much to us.

Are there any bands that you model yourselves from? Or do you prefer to take a more organic and fresh approach?

We try to be as original and organic as possible. I don’t think we really model ourselves on anyone, we just do what comes natural to us. There are definitely some elements from other artists and genres in our music, but I think it’s more reflecting our individual personalities and the music we’ve grown up with. I would say every musician has elements of their heros in their music. It’s just how we’ve developed.

What's your favourite show you've played so far? Any massive stand-outs?

Our Hometown shows always stand out to us. Bristol, during our second 2015 tour was amazing. Having so many people show their faces to see us play our new EP was just heartwarming for us. Another stand out was when we supported Area 11 at the Exchange. The fans were great to us, they were there to have a good time. A lot of people just go to shows now to see the headliners and don’t bother with the support but not these guys. Unlike most Bristol shows, we recognised hardly anyone in the crowd and the place still kicked off the second we hit the stage.Thos two are definitely the big ones that we won’t forget in a hurry.

'Fracture' your single which is out on July 22nd; has a real pacey and energetic vibe, is this something we can expect from the whole EP?

Definitely! Our new music takes no prisoners. It’s everything we feel at this point in our lives, all our anger and frustration, all the good times we have, its all going into these new tracks and showing who we are. They’re full on from start to finish and we feel we’ve taken our music to a new level. It’s going to be heavier and more energetic than anything we’ve done before.

Even though this is an early stage for yourselves, do you ever see yourselves branching into other genres and trying something different?

Possibly, it’s something we’re open to but as I said earlier we’re just doing what comes natural to us. As we grow and develop there will be changes in our music but for now we’re just doing our thing. Knowing Tim though, we will most likely go heavier if he plans on buying a 7 string like he keeps saying….

Do you have any long term goals? Or are you taking an "everyday as it comes" kind of approach?

Our next step for us is to find management to help push us in the right direction. We really want to get a good team behind us that know whats best for us and will help us get where we need to be. We want to be able to focus more on our music and our performance and less on the show band “admin.” Other than that really its just to keep doing what we are doing and releasing new music and playing new shows! We’re currently in the process in booking a European tour, which should be pretty awesome. We’re also planning on a few new releases soon amongst other things.

And finally, we have a podcast titled 'SoundCheck' which every couple of weeks picks an album to put into their "hall of fame" If you had to pick one album to put into said hall of fame, which would you pick and why

We all have different bands that we love so we would never agree on one for this, so we’ve all given you our own, based on who we think really pushed there selves and came into another league these are the albums that defined there sound and put them on the radar.

Archie: Architects- Lost Forever//Lost Together

Tim: Good Charlotte- The Young And The Hopeless

Sam: Blink 182- Self Titled

Matt: Neck Deep- Life’s Not Out To Get You

Everyday Sidekicks release new single 'Fracture' on July 22nd, and trust us; you're gonna want to hear it.

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