Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Interivew: Noizze sits down with Terraform

Birmingham metal quintet Terraform recently released new EP 'Adrift' which of course we reviewed and of course... we loved. Kris recently sat down with the band to find out their inspirations, aspirations and favourite accomplishments so far.

You can check out our review of 'Adrift' here:

First off, any musical influences? Or bands that have inspired you along the way? 

Yes, absolutely. We're influenced by prog metal genre giants like Tesseract, Periphery and Monuments. From a personal perspective, we're all influenced by many different bands; Guy (Guitar) loves jazzier bands like CHON, both Mitch's (bass and vocals) are big into 90's funk rock bands like Faith No More and Primus, Zach (Drums) is heavily influenced by MUSE with Joe (Guitar) being influenced by Heavier, more technical metal bands.

For a band as early on in their careers as yourselves; playing festival such as Tech Metal Fest and Hevy Fest is quite the achievement, how have you found the experience of playing these big festivals? 

Obviously it's been a huge honour to play both of these festivals and hope we'll continue to get these kind of opportunities in the future. We're really fortunate to have a great team looking out for us at Possessive Management and Domino PR.

What's your favourite accomplishment you have achieved as a band thus far?

It would probably be having achieved 200,000 views on our single "Paradox".

Are you a band that likes to have long term goals? Or do you prefer to take an "everyday as it comes" sort of approach? 

We certainly do have goals - we will always write down what our aims for the year are and when we hope to achieve them by. Sometimes things don't quite go to plan but if you're writing your goals down, at least you're able to hold yourself to account for any set backs.

Your fan-base seems to be growing rapidly, are you noticing this at shows? Especially ones that are local to you? 

I'd say so - we've been lucky to get on some great shows recently, with the likes of Disperse and Destiny Potato which certainly help to get us in front of new people.

And finally, we do a podcast called "SoundCheck" where every couple of weeks we place an album we love into the "Hall Of Fame" If you had to choose an album to put into this hall of fame, what would it be and why? 

Periphery II - Because its a genre-defining classic which everyone who likes prog metal should be familiar with.

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