Saturday, 23 July 2016

Chapter and Verse: 'The Wolves Back Home' EP Review

The UK has a tonne of talent and here at Noizze we try our best to cover as much of that as possible. With so many bands coming onto our music radar it gets a little difficult to pick out our favourites but when you hear a band live and they have that spark/spur that grasps your attention, it's those bands that are worth taking a look at. Introducing Chapter and Verse, a spirited and passionate four piece from London, UK. The Alt-Rockers have just dropped their new EP 'The Wolves Back Home' and it's a little bit of a good'un.

From the riffy thunder brought in opener 'The New Breed' to the anthemic punky 'Tunnels' that is brooding Beartooth esque breakdowns. Both tracks are topped with soaring vocals and hardcore-style screams. The band highlight areas of diversity in 'Electric Tongues' too which is a bit more of a melodic piece that excellently shows of some incredible vocal techniques and great song-writing ability. That whole bridge section with roaring guitars and piano layered through is huge as well! Singles 'Shelf Life' and 'Slaves' showcase the EP perfectly with chunky riffs and headbanging moments that bring out the inner breakdown/guitar face. 

On paper this EP is great. It has a bit of everything any rock fan could possibly want. There is a radio friendly aura about the music despite it's general heaviness which is a mix that nowadays can get a band very far too. It is Chapter and Verse's flare however that grab my attention. The oozing passion and feeling and emotion that surrounds each track and fills the ears with whole sounding songs that the listener can really get into. Great EP from a great band.

FFO: Crooks, Saosin, Beartooth,

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