Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Bertie Scott: 'The Way You Loved Me' Single Review

Bertie Scott may not be a name you have come across before but it's a name that you should most definitely be checking out after you hear latest single 'The Way You Loved Me'. In this short review let me try and convince you to press the play button below...

Heartfelt melodies over a stripped back piano make for a song that resonates with the listener and hits that raw emotional nerve. In the chorus Bertie's vocals soar so much so that it sends shivers down your spine. Tempted yet?

Much like the moment Jared Leto nails the high notes in 'Alibi' this song has some HUGE range and even chucks in some woah-oh's for you to cry along with in the car whilst you listen to it on repeat (Not talking from experience).

I need an album of this in my life. A whole album of motivational and heart-wrenching ballad-esque masterpieces that simply hit you right in the feels. An amazing song through and through, the future is bright for Bertie Scott and he has earned a fan out of me.

FFO: Secondhand Serenade, 30 Seconds To Mars, Saywecanfly

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Twitter: @bertiescott

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