Tuesday, 14 June 2016

The Shiva Hypothesis: 'Promo CD' - CD Review

Netherlands latest evil comes in the form of The Shiva Hypothesis. Sounding like a cross between Gaahl era Gorgoroth and Belphegor they feel like their self assuredness has grown far in the little time since their first inception. They seem to know what they want and who they are and are ready to make a stand. In a strange move their upcoming EP and Album remains upcoming whilst promotional work is thrust upon us. Simply entitled 'Promo 2015' this work marks an important release as they creep it under our ears to corrupt our minds.

There is an immediate setting of Black Metal and what may be a three track CD could very easily be a very full EP at least! The first track 'Caduceus' sets their sound firmly in an evil extreme metal that borrows a lot from the best of Black Metal. Despite this it falls short of it's intentions, not taking the best of the cold, evil scathing of Black Metal. But keeping some dynamic and evil snarling vocals over the top of fairly standard instrumentation. The vocalist being a powerful part of the band. Their next track 'Praedormitium' feels a lot harder and you feel the punch for a lot longer. There is a bigger sense of atmosphere before the first notes of a strong and catchy brutality within the guitars and drums that work together to build and excite. This is a lot stronger song and you can feel this quickly as it builds it's energy throughout. This CD finishes with 'Maze of Delusion' which if possible builds on all of the elements built in the CD and offers a more compelling evil story in the longer song with more variety and simply evil sounding snarls over a strong Blackened Death Metal style beat.

This is a band that are willing to hit with an evil club. Their power builds and hits a lot of the best tropes of extreme metal whilst still being memorable. This is a strong first effort and is enough to give them a bit of attention. In essence, their evil is calling and alright, we're listening, what's next (The) Shiva Hypothesis?

Facebook: /theshivahypothesis
Twitter: @shivahypothesis

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