Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Broadcasts: Self-Titled Album Review

I must admit when a reviews website hits a certain amount of reach you wouldn't believe the vast amount of submissions and review requests that get sent to us. Unfortunately because of that some incredibly talented bands can be overlooked. It wasn't until The Broadcasts caught my ear at a local show that they peaked my interest. When walking to the stage to put some visuals down on what I was hearing I was shocked to see four young dudes rocking it out Springsteen style on stage. They quite simply blew my mind. So with that in mind I felt I had no option but to check out their debut album and man was I happy I did...

'Down The Line' opens with all the style of an old school jam from the 80's. Groovy bass and catchy guitar hooks make for a nice blend that are topped with effortless vocals and sweet harmonies. Another highlight is 'The Future' which has all the makings of one of those Jimmy Eat World songs you used to jam persistently throughout the summer.

Single 'This Is Life' has been out a while and it's nuts that it has only two and a half thousand views. Quite simply it's criminal. The song itself has a great lyrical underpinning and the video has a great message carried in the video.

Song like 'Western Lands' and 'The Road Goes On' have an old school Springsteen/Bon Jovi feel in terms of structure and style and it's an amazing that a young band are nailing that rock ballad feel. This feeling is especially felt in the introduction of 'The Road Goes On' with it's roaring harmonica solo and recurring sections that bring chills. 'What It Meant To Me' is a beautiful acoustic that captures you from the start. Final track 'What We've Become' has all the makings of one of those Oasis bangers that rocked stadiums. Bold statement? Well take a listen and see for yourself!

Without a doubt, every song on the album could be added to the soundtrack of any TV show for any kind of feeling. The album is well produced and really aids the bands sound. Take the likes of Springsteen and merge him with Foo Fighters and Queens Of The Stage to create some crazy old soul in a new creative body and you have The Broadcasts. It's weird because the band feel like they have been around for years and this is their 5th album.

These are some young dudes with old spirits. Their music is mature and well crafted and they have already managed to put out an album. Look out because The Broadcasts mean business.

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