Friday, 10 June 2016

Review: Napoleon 'Newborn Minds'

Napoleon are no strangers to the hardcore scene, having toured Europe with bands such as Being As An Ocean, The Devil Wears Prada and The Amity Affliction and truth be told you've more than likely seen someone in a Napoleon tee at a show. But with a few line up changes in 2015 seeing the addition of vocalist Wesley Thompson (Ex-Climates) they released single “Stargazer” in April 2015 whilst working on there highly anticipated debut album.

Having had the pleasure of listening to 'Newborn minds' it blew me away. It is a concoction that on paper should not work, but is flawlessly executed by the quartet.

The record holds essences of a range of genres which can do nothing but expand Napoleon's listener base.

From guitarist Sam Osborn’s guitar wizardry enticing you in, with a contrast of explosive riffs and flawlessly catchy clean licks, to Wez’s aggressive vocals and sweet cleans.  It's clear that Napoleon have dipped their feet into other genres such as; aggressive melodic hardcore, up beat pop punk and catchy indie styles, this mix of influences is a real breath of fresh air to the current scene.

Tracks such as 'afterlife', 'Maps' and 'Stargazer' have a real air of authenticity about them which is a big win for the guys. All in all this album is fantastic and a testament to the hard work clearly put in, 'Newborn Minds' is a record that seems certain to take Napoleon on to bigger, better things.

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