Thursday, 2 June 2016

Pierce The Veil: 'Misadventures' Album Review

Back in 2006, two brothers (Vic and Mike Fuentes) from San Diego, California had a mutual ambition...and that ambition was to make music, and far from being deterred by the disbandment of their former band BEFORE TODAY, they continued to write together until eventually they had enough resource material to form who we now all know as PIERCE THE VEIL. With an ever growing fan base after some initially successful albums and numerous high-profile support slots, touring with the likes of ALL TIME LOW and BRING ME THE HORIZON, we find them unleashing album number four; "Misadventures". Let's hope that the title doesn't sum up the making of this record...

We rather appropriately get under way with "Dive In" and for the most part it's a subdued introduction, slowly building up, teasing the listener, but when it does kick in we are hit with a meaty slab of post-punk not unlike THE USED in places, also utilising elements of metalcore with some nice riff-work and breakdowns for good measure, it's a solid pay-off. They continue with their blend of melodic pop-punk vocals and heavier, guitar driven rock intensity through tracks "Texas Is Forever" and "The Divine Zero" and what becomes apparent is that Vic's aggressive vocal tones suit the tracks much better than his clear singing. He's not bad but he's not strong...and you can't help but feel during recording they could have boosted this a bit more to save him getting just a little drowned out.

When the band tone things down however, for the likes of "Floral & Fading" and "Circles", everything falls into place nicely and you can feel the emotion so much more from within the tracks, the latter standing out as a clear album highlight with a huge sing-along chorus, no doubt a crowd favourite and it all just; works. Really this is an album you kind of grow into, as it gets stronger as it unfolds with the likes of "Gold Medal Ribbons", "Bedless" and closing track "Song For Isabelle" all pleasant listens, proving why the band are ever growing in popularity. The title isn't entirely true, "Misadventures" starts off somewhat hit and miss, but once it settles it plays well....I think everyone should go on a little misadventure this Summer. [7]

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