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Noizze's Interview with Oli & Bjorn of Fallen To Flux

We caught up with the dudes in Fallen To Flux to see how they were feeling on the upcoming release of their debut album. We asked them what they had been up to and what we can expect once the album is released. Enjoy!

1. How did Fallen To Flux become to be and how did you develop the name?

Oli: Luke and I met in our first year at uni. At that time, we performed under a different name and with a different line-up. Our first guitarist left just before we recorded Piece by Piece, our first EP. We recruited Bjorn before the release and decided to become Fallen To Flux! The name reflects the view that humanity has this tendency to fall into a state of chaos, motivated by searching for short-term gains rather than long-term happiness.

2. You guys have been very quiet, what have you been up to?

Bjorn: We’ve locked away writing and recording an album. We feel it’s a massive step forward for us and we pooled all resources we could muster into it. Along with that we’ve been recording music videos, shooting photos, etc. The next months are going to be exciting to say the least!

Oli: My neighbours might disagree with that! It takes a while to pull together an album, especially when you’re working, eating and sleeping in a garden shed. It’s been such an incredible experience to dedicate so much time and effort to this, we can’t wait to release more of it to the world!

3. The new single 'Anchored' is BIG. How does it feel to be releasing that?

Oli: It’s so exciting to see the positive response we’re getting after a year of hard work! We know that there’s so much more to come as well, so we’re psyched to know that we’re at such a good starting point.

Bjorn: Like setting sail to far-away lands, curiously.

4. Can we expect more of that on the album?

Bjorn: Much more. It’s safe to say that this album is a gigantic leap forward and Anchored is only the start. There are tracks on there that certainly pack a punch, but it’s a lot more than just raw power. We’ve really explored all flavours rock/metal offer!

5. Would you say that this release is different to the last two EP's you have released?
Bjorn: Most certainly. This is the first time we spent our days doing nothing but music (a dream we’ve had our whole lives). For the first time we’ve had the chance to work out the strengths of every band member. The songs on the EPs were written in a much more confined environment and more often than not we ran out of time during both writing and recording. This time round we’ve had ample opportunity to explore all our possibilities - as a results the songs are much more varied than before and hold plenty of surprises.
Fallen to Flux, 8th of May 2016

6. What has been your biggest achievement to date? Do you think that this release will push you guys forward?
Oli: I’d say our biggest achievement has been in the world of creative commons music! Our last two EPs are available on Jamendo, a website that allows you to use music for free as long as you credit the artist. For a long time, we were their number one rock artist - we have over 500,000 downloads. I think that this release will help us resonate with an even wider audience, the progression is something we’re incredibly proud of!

7. What do you hope to achieve off the back of the release?
Oli: We’re ambitious types, so the sky’s the limit but let’s take it one step at a time! To get some great touring opportunities with well-known bands would be incredible.

8. What bands influence you? Would you say that your music sounds like these influences?
Oli: From day one, bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Avenged Sevenfold were the influence. I think Piece by Piece definitely reflects this. As we grew as musicians and individuals, we started taking in other influences and developing our own style. I wouldn’t know who to compare us to nowadays!
Bjorn: I learnt a huge amount from classical music. That starts with form and proportion to chord sequences and fugues. The one thing I really am proud of is that I’m a lead guitarist without the need to shred – classical music (especially String Quartets) have helped me develop my lead lines to be as melodic as possible. Obviously it doesn’t sound like classical music at all! I think we sound a lot like Periphery, who’ve been quite an influence on me personally as well.

9. Finally, if you had to take one artist/bands CD away to a desert island (With a CD player) and that was it who would it be?
Bjorn: An engineering audio book and try to build a radio to signal for help. Failing that, Dream Theater - Scenes from a Memory.

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