Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Live Review: Hands Like Houses/I, The Mighty/Dead!/The Gospel Youth

Picture the scene, it is a rainy night in Birmingham on a Tuesday. Nonetheless, this did not dampen the spirits of the crowd of tonight's show. To look forward to, they had the treat of four different bands from three different continents.

First up was the UK's own The Gospel Youth. Although a new band on the scene, the members have an impressive track record- if you remember Fleeing From Finales the lead singer might ring some bells! The band played a number of catching upbeat songs for the summer. If you haven't listened to them, definitely give them a play as they are a local band to keep an eye on!

Second on were Dead!. Fusing indie-rock and grungey guitar tones, unfortunately tonight they didn't really get the crowd pumped.

Next up were I, The Mighty from California, USA. Sounding like a heavier version of All Time Low, the band really set a precedent for the show. The band were extremely tight and woke the crowd up after their slumber and got them psyched for the headliner.

Australian five piece Hands Like Houses brought the vibes and incense sticks with them on the Birmingham leg of their “Dissonance” tour. Supporting their new album of the same title, Hands Like Houses’ catchy hooks and melodic choruses had the crowd off their feet with their opening track “I Am” which led straight into “Colourblind”.

 Lead singer, Trenton Woodley’s vocals were impressive as ever and showed off his flawless pop-like vocals. This was contrasted by the heavy riffs and electro-synth beats which gave the songs an extra dimension. Hands Like Houses played new material such as “New Romantics”, “Glasshouse” and “Degree Of Separation” which did not disappoint as they sounded as big live as they do on record.

Crowd pleasers such as “No Parallels” and ”Introduced Species” also made an expected appearance on the set-list which demonstrated the crowd’s strong potential for a rainy Tuesday night. All in all, a very promising set from Hands Like Houses which gave a glimpse into the exciting future the band has.

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