Thursday, 9 June 2016

Jamie Wrecs: 'Never Too Late To Be What You Might Have Been' EP Review

'She said' is a beautiful opening to an EP of this style, it's calm yet the instrumentation is exciting utilising a simple, repetitive beat and making the most of piano melodies and vocal lines. I would be highly surprised if a lot of Wrecs influences weren't folk related.

This is only further influenced by the use of chords and drum patterns in the title track of the EP, very lively fast paced strumming infuses beautifully with clever lyricism. It’s the kind of track that takes you to a beautiful canal side pub enjoying the fresh air and scenery, this is exactly the kind of music that would be playing in your head.

‘The Faces’ and ‘I Miss You’ seem to follow the same formula which is by no means a criticism, but where the depth of Jamie’s talent shines is in ‘Blackouts & Lovers'. Each track on the EP has hearty topics and beautiful melodies and lyricism, but in this track the upbeat and uplifting tones of the EP are dropped for a more dreary approach to the instrumentation. It’s so eerily beautiful as a track and a great way to break up the EP.

The use of harmonica throughout is incredibly capturing and deserves homage in itself. The EP as a whole is well mixed and put together nicely although my only gripe is the final track sounds like it was recorded in a spate place or perhaps separate to the other with different mic techniques or something. Its slightly throwing me off but the EP is well worth a listen and all I can say is I’m expecting big things in the future.

SCORE: 8/10
An awesome EP with beautiful songs and a British Folk quality to die for. Beautiful musicianship and song writing with an English folk feel.

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