Thursday, 9 June 2016

Hit The Lights: 'Just To Get Through To You' EP Review

In some cases it feels cheap when a band releases acoustic versions of their songs but not here. The old favourite tracks ‘Drop the Girl’ and ‘Save Your Breath’ are present on the EP but remain worth a second listen, they have a completely different feel being acoustic and beautifully recorded and performed bringing a new dimension to the tracks.

‘Summer Bones’ and ‘Lighthouse’ are highlights from the EP and have exceptional lyricism and melodies which drives this genre. ‘Lighthouse’ even turns right into full band pop-punk in the middle of the track reminiscent of A Day to Remembers ‘If It Means A Lot You’.

‘Blasphemy Myself and I’ and ‘Fucked Up Kids’ are also great tracks but get overshadowed by the rest of the EP. Essentially the whole record doesn’t feel like it has leaped away from pop-punk at all really, you probably wouldn't want it any other way but if you’re expecting a massive change in sound you will be disappointed.

This said it does showcase the vocalist’s abilities and shows off the band’s sound in a new way. It shows the listener that Hit The Lights are great musicians and know how to use instrumentation to their advantage, utilising strings and piano to drive the emotions of the great song writing. It also shows that the band can transpose their full band tracks into interesting acoustic renditions which a lot of other bands have failed to make right.


 Brilliant acoustic EP, new tracks are great and the acoustic renditions of previous songs are top notch, still keeping the pop-punk feel. It's an EP showcasing the bands ability for acoustic utilising popular old songs and mixing in a few new ones too.

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