Tuesday, 7 June 2016

For I Am King: 'Daemons' - Album Review

For I am King are one of those up and coming bands heralding from the Netherlands. Starting in 2013 they've quickly come into their upcoming debut album 'Daemons' due for release June 17th. We were lucky enough to take a look early to let you know what we think. Now what shouldn't be noteworthy, but still is, is their front-woman. It surprises me that we are still in a world where this still surprises when there are so many brilliant metal singers out there. For I am King actually boasts a brilliant metal vocalist and this is one of their huge strengths. Guitars keep up nicely and pound your way through each song with a way of playing with each song melodically and effectively. I hesitate to say that they're for fans of Arch Enemy but would also include other extreme melodic metal acts like Amon Amarth at times or In Flames. This would perhaps miss the point as they show strengths on their own merits very well.

We start with 'Black Death' which offers a cheeky bit of piano to set some mood before the slaughter. 'Breathe the Fire' got some attention recently with a video to compliment the lyrical content but as a song it isn't their strongest. 'Lost in Divinity' continues this trend being just a good song. 'The Crone' shows where the band really start to come into their own, both being catchy and powerful. 'Tantalus' keeps with the good not great songs and the aptly named 'Interlude' gives a typical instrumental break that we see on a lot of extreme metal albums nowadays. 'Hades' and 'Des-Troy' show a lot more brutality and energy and show that they saved the best till last. 'Faust' offers a bit more melody than the rest in a stretch to lead the album to their energetic closer with 'We Must Obey', which the strengths of the band throughout for an effective close.

All in all this was a strong album by the Dutch metallers. We should so a lot more to come from this band and we should also hopefully see more attention for the band beyond their native lands. This is quite a strong melodic and extreme album not the most brutal but certainly a happy listen for most metallers.

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