Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Creinium - 'Hallucinosis' Review

Upon their inception in 2012, Helsinki's Creinium have released a demo, an EP and a single up to this point before the release of their debut full-length 'Hallucinosis' July 1st of this year via Inverse Records. In the words of the label themselves, Creinium's music "might reveal influences from all kinds of shit" and their words ring true throughout the album. The easiest description of their music would be atmospheric/melodic death metal but there's definite influence from other genres, particularly prog and maybe a little jazz with some doom thrown into the mix.

After a few listens to 'Hallucinosis' I can say that it's not going to set the world of death metal on fire but there's definitely enough going on to set it apart from your typical, run-of-the-mill death metal album. The addition of synths and piano sections keep the listener engaged even though the band tend to lean a little heavy on them at times. Despite this, these moments are few and far between and their keyboard player Antti Myllynen is the star of the show here, adding some much needed atmosphere to what could otherwise be quite bland death metal and showcasing his skills as a pianist with some truly beautiful piano sections. 

Vocalist Eeli Helin comes across as a force to be reckoned with throughout the album, punctuating the dual guitar bludgeoning with some truly aggressive vocal work. Highlights include album opener proper 'Seams', 'Vigilance', 'Passage to and Altered Portrait' and 'Concious Eclipse', all four tracks giving the listener insight into what the band are capable of.

God Monument is the perfect finishing point, feeling like a culmination of everything we've learnt so far, a final exam or final boss, with the band pulling no punches and belting the listener with blastbeats, fantastically catchy synth runs and a lovely piano section at around the 5 minute mark that sees the band slowing things down before picking the pace back up towards the end of the track. 

Despite some very minor flaws, this is a highly impressive debut from a band that are sure to be turning some heads (downwards, then back up, then down again, repeatedly, in quick succession). Highly recommend, particularly if you like a band with a bit more to offer. 

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