Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Tides From Nebula: 'Safehaven' - Album Review

Tides From Nebula are a polish post-rock instrumental band or as their facebook page indicates their genre is 'catching the sound of the universe'. So it is easy to say they would like to escape classification but what is immediately evident is the sense of atmosphere they want to create. The rock beats and guitars work in such a way as to hide each other and fade into the background. They are trying to reach your emotional core and not your attention. So in some ways 'Safehaven', their latest album coming out May 6th, is a rather difficult album to talk about.

We're immediately offered a way to ease into the album with it's title track 'Safehaven', which builds like an instrumental track would for most other albums. It also fools you into letting it play into the background. The album easily flows from one track to the other: 'Knees to the Earth', 'All the Steps I've Made' and 'The Lifter', the next three tracks, flow past you and masterfully so since they range from something quite complex with 'Knees to the Earth' to something very simple with 'All the Steps I've Made' and 'The Lifter' a mix of the two. For me, the next track, 'Traversing', also their longest track, was the most powerful. I can't tell if this was due to the set up of the rest of the songs or simply due to the song itself, the album flows into each song so easily. The album has a lot of heart and likes playing with the atmosphere it conveys. 'Colour of Glow' picks up from 'Traversing' and builds it into 'We are the Mirror'. 'We are the Mirror' being another highlight of the album for me. Their final song, 'Home', has a climactic feel to it but otherwise runs like the rest, it's got heart and it wants to fade into the background.

All in all, Tides From Nebula are a band of experiences. This album has to be felt and experienced, it is hard to focus upon and although the album makes for a lovely piece of atmosphere and would sit very well in the background, there is not a lot to draw you back. The songs move through you and it's lovely but you're not always aware of what they are and what they're doing. They're likely to be a very good band to experience live as their music very much is just that – an experience.

Facebook: /tidesfromnebulaofficial
Twitter: @tfnsong 

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