Thursday, 12 May 2016

Not Today: 'Headway' EP Review

The first track ‘Worth My Time’ is like a classic pop punk track married a great Indie styled vocalist and it works so perfectly. The guitar work is interesting and keeps your attention to the track. Not Today I have found are great at evoking emotion which more than I can say for a lot of bands.

The second track on the EP starts out with an amazing riff that then turns quickly into a pop punk anthem. The Breakdown in the song is also a shock to the system with a guttural scream. I can see this track being fun at a live show.

‘Coming Storm’ also throws into screaming which is refreshing and it goes hand in hand with more Metal esque riffs and drum work. Surprisingly it works and just keeps the EP fresh and interesting.

‘These Few Months’ is the acoustic track on the EP, it is what it is, and it breaks up the EP. Unfortunately it’s not going to be a track people sing along too in a pub in five years’ time, but the instrumentation and vocal melodies are beautiful.

‘Growing Backwards’ is the final track and single on the EP. I really like it and I can see why it was chosen as the single. It has the best chorus on the EP and the riffs are infectious. It embodies what the band are all about fresh Pop-Punk. It features a nice little solo which you don’t often have in this genre and was pleasant to hear. The Music Video is also very good, it’s a performance video but very well put together and filmed.

It’s easy for newer Pop-Punk bands to get lost in the over saturation of the genre but I really hope Not Today pull through because they offer the staples of the genre with refreshing hearty lyricism. They have such a big and professional sound and I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear more from them in the future.

7/10 really great EP with awesome riffs and vocal melodies. Very well recorded and put together and I feel like the band can only improve from here. A great fresh entry to the Pop-Punk genre.

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