Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Noizze's Interviews Matt and Nicolas of Novelists

On the same night we sat down with Ryan from For Today we got to hang out with Matt and Nicolas from rising Tech Metallers Novelists. Check. It. Out...

Hey guys, how's tour going?

Matt: Pretty Cool man.

Nicolas: Yeah everyone is getting along really well.

And is this your biggest tour to date?

Nicolas: Yeah, we have only done like three tours so far. A couple were quite small. We have done weekenders, I used to hate it when people said they were on tour and it was just a weekender.

Nicolas: This is by far the biggest one though.

Matt: It feels good.

Nicolas: When we started I thought I was gonna die. I woke up for the first few weeks having panic attacks thinking why are we moving. I would have to look at the road and figure out how fast we were moving! I would wake up thinking what the fuck is happening. I get cold a lot too because of the A/C. But this is definitely the best tour ever. Being able to go to bed all the time is great. Have you guys seen the back lounge? It's the best part of the tour. It has a huge couch and consoles.

So, about the band. where did the name come from?

Nicolas: So we had a previous band and we had a song called 'The Novelist'.

Matt: When we were brainstorming for this band it came up after an hour or so and stuck.

Nicolas: We loved the name straight away. We liked that it was us trying to tell a story not trying to become famous. So yeah we started as The Novelist. That's a funny story actually. We released our first song as The Novelist and a band got in touch and was like "Dude thats not cool we are The Novelist." So we changed the name to Novelists. We didn't want to have a plural name but we had to so we changed everything in the space of an hour.

Matt: Novelists as plural is really hard to say for us. It sounds like we are saying Novelistsss.

So you guys haven't been going as Novelists all too long but it's safe to say you have come a long way. Why do you think that is.

Matt: I think it's a combination of a lot of things.

Nicolas: Yeah. I mean we are still a baby band. We are the openers on this tour and we are still that baby band. We were in another band too. We have grown up quickly though. I don't want to sound pretentious but we are writing really good music and that helps. We were lucky to find Nuclear Blast.

Nicolas.The album was ready March 2015 and we wanted to release it December that year. I contacted labels when we made it but we didn't get much attention and had shit offers so we decided to release it ourselves. We weren't happy about it. Right before we were about to release Markus Staiger got in touch asking if his team had got in touch with us and I was tired and didn't know who he was so send a really short reply. I googled him later and had to email him back saying sorry man.

Nicolas: Our manager back then did an amazing job helping us transition there too. We decided to release 6 singles and I think people liked it. Back then it really helped and every 2 months we would release something. Every song had a good amount of exposure.

Nicolas: Not long after we signed they got in touch and asked if we want to go on tour with For Today and we were like YES!

Matt: Yes Please!

Nicolas: It's so hard when your a small band. Not being big enough. I've heard that too much. "Hey your not big enough yet." It's amazing to have two really big companies trusting us when we still consider ourselves a baby band.

You are obviously quite well travelled now. How does the European music scene compare to the UK music scene?

Nicolas: UK is a bit tough. When your a good UK band or a big American band a lot of people care but when your a middle sized band it's hard. If you don't do well in Europe you won't do well in the UK. There are so many bands to choose from in the UK it's hard to get in there. In Germany people get to every show. I don't know how they do but they do. I like the UK but its tough.

We hear that it's tough here a lot.

Matt: You have so much choice it's hard to make it to all the shows!

Nicolas: When you become bigger the UK is great. After a while we hope the UK will get kinder.

So you have released your debut album 'Souvenirs'. How does that feel after such a long wait!?

Matt: I thought it'd never come out. We had so many obstacles.

Nicolas: The label told us we would have to wait 3 months and we had already waited so long. We were like, really? I really wanted people to hear it there and then. We are in a genre where bands get quickly forgotten and I worried that if we released it too late then no one would care anymore.

Of course because it doesn't feel as fresh to you guys...

Nicolas: In my opinion, the way it's written doesn't just sound like every other band releasing material in this genre. To me it sounds different.

You are described by critics as "Captivatingly Complex".

Nicolas: I think that's what we were trying to do. Not the complex part. I don't know, we aren't aiming for that specifically.

You guys are on the bill for UK Tech Fest this year as well which is a great festival...

Nicolas: We are technical but we aren't trying to be. We want the music to be rich. It turns out as technical. It's not the purpose as much as it is the consequence.

Nicolas: How did they say it, captiva..

Captivatingly Complex

Nicolas: Ohh thats cool.

So, last question, what's next? Where do you go from here?

Matt: We gotta figure it out a bit.

Nicolas: We know what we want but things take time.

Matt: We are at a stage where we are stuck between what's doable and what we want.

Nicolas: We all have slightly different views of what the second album will be so it's gonna be interesting. In my opinion thats' what will make it good. If we went with my ideas it would be too rocky. If we go Matt's way it would be Deathcore.

Matt: *Laughs*

Nicolas: I think what's good is that we balance eachother. I tell him it's too deathcore and he tells me that's too rocky.

Matt: We really wanna step it up from the other album.

Nicolas: It's hard because we are so happy with the first album. I'm not saying it's the best album ever but we love it.

Matt: We don't want the next one to sound exactly the same.

Nicolas: We put everything we had into the last album too so to step it up will be hard. Second album is always hard because people are waiting to get it. First album you can release the crappiest crap and no one cares but second album people are waiting to hear that shit. Some people will always not be happy. If we do the same thing people will say we haven't evolved. If we changed people will say we have changed too much.

Matt: We are just gonna release what is true to us and not care at all.

Nicolas: I want the next release to have no screams and double kicks but I am not alone in the band sadly. If thats what we wanted to do then we would do it. I was surprised people liked the song on the first album with all clean vocals.

You would hate all cleans though right Matt?

Matt: I need songs to keep me awake on stage. I think we need to keep it diverse.

Nicolas: We really wanted this album to be uniform which was great. For the second album we had one idea to make it like a book that was split into four chapters with 3 songs per chapter and each one would be different. When you change chapter the genre changes. I don't know..

If you pull that off it would be incredible and I don't think it's really been done before

Nicolas: We would love to do that... To have a different chapter depending on your mood. If you wake up and think "I wanna punch people" you can listen to chapter 3. It's very ambitious.

Thank you so much guys!

Nicolas: Thanks!

Matt: Thank you!

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