Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Noizze Interviews Cold Summer

After reviewing the brand new EP from Cold Summer we couldn't resist but to have a chat with the lads to find out a little bit more into the EP and the band itself. Read more below:

- You self-describe yourselves as having a strong DIY work ethic, what's involved in that? Do you pride yourselves on it?

Across pretty much all aspects of the band really we apply this to, i think the main examples are we book our own shows, we have designed our own merchandise and most of our releases everything to do with them has been done in-house. Up until the release of our latest EP we’d done everything to do with our press ourselves.

Chloe from Shout It Loud Reviews (who had featured on a band on her site previously) contacted us having set up her own company to give us a bit of help through the EP release period, we all work full time and to really do this properly you need someone doing this full-time. We were more than happy to get on board with her help through the release. We do certainly feel if we do step out of a DIY bubble you do need to be working with someone who is fully behind your band. We took pride in this as we have complete control over artistic and any business decisions that come along, simply we can choose what we want to do and what we don’t want to do. I also don't think having help with certain things is detracting from DIY because it surely frees time you'd rather be spent practicing / writing.

- From your inception in 2011 how do you feel your music has progressed?

Well it is a long time and looking back at the releases we’ve done, we certainly feel that we’ve developed as musicians firstly. We’ve grown as a band, i feel we’ve matured but not forgetting that we set our stall out from day one really in terms of trying to push boundaries with that we are doing.

- Has the feel of your music changed?

Not entirely, I think on this new release we sound more focused coupled with how we’ve developed as a band being tighter together as a band i guess. Also in that time we've got to know each other and also our influences better introducing new things to the table.

- In recording your latest EP 'Fight To Survive', was there anything different to previous writing experiences?

Yes we certainly did a lot more work in the studio on a couple of the tracks, where as in the past we pretty much recorded songs that we’d been rehearsing and playing live for a long time and just a case of going in and recording them, making some subtle changes and trying ideas but we certainly had a couple of songs this time where we did make some major changes very close to recording them if not in the studio itself which was quite different for us.

- You state that this EP is very personal for Dan Feast (Vocals), can you delve into the themes behind the music?

Yeah for Dan his lyrics deal on a personal level with anxiety and depression, especially the track Bear Eats Wolf as an example of this and we feel people can certainly relate to this and no doubt face this in everyday life. We also have our frustrations with the music industry kind of It stems from us being a band that writes all our own music with having influences but not letting that dictate to much what we sound like or limiting us to a specific genre, anything like that.

- So now the EP is released how do you guys feel?

Well if I’m honest, there’s a bit of a relief as we’ve never had this kind of delay with a release, we were weighing up a few options we had and also dealing with a few personal circumstances in the past year or so before finally releasing it!

- And where do you plan to go from here?

Just trying hard to really follow this up with some shows for later in the year at the moment and hopefully playing a few festivals in the summer. We’re already writing and hopefully this should lead up to a follow up release.

- Final question, we like to hit you with a random one at Noizze, Star Wars vs Star Trek... Which wins?

I think as a group we’d go with Star Wars on this one, seems more bang for your buck?

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