Monday, 9 May 2016

Matt Grocott and The Shrives: 'What Are You Taking?' Single Review

I was ecstatic to be given the chance again to review Matt Grocott and The Shrives, this new track is probably my favourite yet titled 'What are you taking?'. From what I could gather the track centres around a girl called Robin, whom despite having adequate drugs also left a pretty big dent in the headspace of the protagonist.

Its a classic scenario but is far from boring. Thats what I love about this band and probably what Billie Joe himself also sees in the band, the potential to bring that raw 70s-80s punk vibe back. Each time I hear a track i'm hooked, exactly like when listening to The Clash. Its fun and punchy and everything the genre needs.

Everything in the track is perfect, and amazingly recorded and produced. The mesmerizing guitar tone and chords setting the scene of a Northern pub atmosphere, then bouncing to and fro from the chilling vocals and drums. It really sets the scene of the narrative given in the track, very reminiscent of the days where i'd close my eyes and listen to the first two Arctic Monkeys albums and just imagine the Sheffield bar scene.

The track is wonderful overall and I really have nothing bad to say about it in all honesty. I think you should definitely check this band out and show some support, I think they will be a band to watch in the future.

A solid 9/10 from a brilliant band. New Age British Punk Rock is here and this band will be high on the list of who brought it back!

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