Sunday, 1 May 2016

LIVE REVIEW: When We Were Wolves w// Idols Of Apathy // Nycosia // Nightowls // I Fight Bears @ Fuel Rock Club

With well known local Welsh bands dropping one by one out of the music scene tonight saw a local Welsh band make a triumphant return at the beginning of a long tour. When We Wolves hit Cardiff's Fuel Rock Club to rekindle with their fanbase and open the page on a new chapter. With some amazingly talented support this was a good night...

First dudes up are I Fight Bears whom, it is interesting to note, are also playing their very first show tonight. This makes what happens next all the more impressive... The energy and frontmanship is second to none and as a whole the band are a tight unit. Even the best of bands struggle with the first few shows, it happens, but these guys manage to kick it with roaring solos that sound BIG. With solid A Day To Remember vibes I Fight Bears have definitely made their way onto our radar.

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Next up are Nightowls whom are also playing their very first show apparently. The guys manage to keep the pace that the previous band had managed to build. Frontman Zac Noneley hits the stage with the angst and ferocity of Jason Aalon Butler from letlive. putting on a show of a similar stature. The band will already know this, but with vibes of Frank Carter and one of his incredible projects, Nightowls bring us a quirky bit of hardcore music that will no doubt sit well with fans of new era hardcore punk. Oh yeah and RIFFAGE!

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Nycosia are definitely making a name for themselves in Cardiff. Taking shows left, right and centre and as a result finding themselves on a few local radars, Nycosia are at that great point as a band where they don't have to worry about picking shows or playing certain areas. The band can just play the music they love.

For such a young band these guys bring a strong front. Full with intensity and energy the guys have a lot going on onstage. For the most part this is a massive positive though at times the rhythm is a little lost. When the band move into breakdowns and heavy verse sections they sound absolutely f*&king brutal and are quite simply HUGE. Groovy tone laid over ferocious screams and shouts that soar sound much like Periphery. The bands only let down, and unfortunately it's a big one is their clean vocals. With the rest of their sound so on point the weak cleans stick out like a soar thumb. If i'm honest I feel like the band would benefit strongly from a different clean vocalist or dropping them all together. All in though the band sound great, expect big things.

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Idols of Apathy have been on Noizze's radar before with their blisteringly fantastic EP 'Life Lessons'. You can listen to said EP HERE. There was definitely an expectation going in...

Quite simply they wowed everyone in the room. Their live set is full of life and is unbelievably captivating. It's amazing how some lights can make a real difference to a show, With an array of floodlights and strobes that are hooked up to their instruments the crowd are treated to timely flashes to aid their moshing.

In terms of the band sound they really do pack in the passion. Drums are punchy and the riffs are HUGE. Clean vocals are a little quiet but the band were playing on a sound desk that definitely had a lot going on. The bands meaty sound is loud an in your face. Some definite up and comers that have big things coming if they continue on their warpath.

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When We Were Wolves (W4) are finally on after what has been a long but fruitful night. The heavy hitters have been around on the UK music scene a while and by no means have stayed stagnant. With ups and downs aplenty, from multiple festival appearances and shows with some big names to multiple and stressful line up changes the guys find themselves at at the start of a new chapter. Very admirably the bands signature sound and passion behind what they do have kept them pushing.

So with a fresh line up backing the very talented Mitchell Bock the guys open strong. Surprisingly this is my first time seeing them and needless to say I am very excited. Quite simply W4 bring brutality in it's most graceful form.

The bands strong fanbase are definitely present and headbangs and mosh are rife. It's nice to see that the band have held onto local support despite being quiet for some time. With hits such as "Dying On The Inside" and newer single "Vile" proving as crowd-pleasers and brutal riffs throughout the set the band are back with a bang.

If tonight proves anything for W4 it's that they've still got it. If they can stand together and push forward with another studio release and more appearances then they will most definitely see themselves propelled to new heights.

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