Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Harbinger: 'Paroxysm' - EP Review

London's Harbinger have made a name for themselves recently and this is all the more impressive seeing as they sparked up only a few years back! We're now about to see their debut release with the EP 'Paroxysm'. This would appear to be getting quite a few excited and therefore has some big shoes to fill. Technical and brutal this band appears to be eager and excitingly making their play of recent metal.

However, what immediately strikes me about this EP is just how each song has the ability to progress. They start okay and end up a bit better with pretty good versatility. It is unfortunate when the clean vocals kick in and as energetic and powerful as they can be for the most part there isn't anything all that special about their music. It hits it's spot and the show-stealers 'Instruments Of Guilt' and 'A Fractured World' stand above the rest but that's all. The music is strong and it does hit you with a fierce energy. 'Falsifier' opens the EP and takes a while to get into it, 'Instruments of Guilt' follows this and after a couple of listens I could really feel the power it always had, but 'Survival' is an unfortunate step down and really shows it's weakness in the clean vocals. 'Subsidised Slaughter' is a slow step up, like the first track but going no further. 'A Fractured World' has the energy of a final track and it does shine from this, but throughout a lot of the EP there was not a lot to distinguish the songs from one another.

Perhaps Harbinger have a lot more to come, I'm not sure, but 'Paroxysm' doesn't feel like it. Perhaps that's just it, there's a lot of foundation work, showing they could possibly but never quite do. A reasonable listen but there's perhaps more out there and more even to come from Harbinger.

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