Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Griever: 'Soul Searcher' - EP Review

Hailing from Bournemouth, Griever have the sense of an upcoming. Sounding at times a lot like Trivium and particularly giving some very interesting melodies to their sense of Metalcore there is an energetic quality to them. They only have one EP, 'Rebirthing', under their belt prior to this upcoming EP, which will be released May 27th and bears the title 'Soul Searcher'. 'A Pure Heart' has seen a prior release and has an accompanying video watchable on YouTube.

'Soul Searcher' begins with a title track and we immediately see the sense of melody that their bring to their music. Melody is actually something hard to do within Metal, a lot of bands fall back on speed as a method to give melody to each song. This isn't always fitting and can feel very forced, unwelcome and out of place. Fortunately for Griever they take time with their melody making it fit the songs and constructing a nice interplay of melody and metal ensuring the strength of their songs. Personally I felt 'Soul Searcher', 'Malevolent' and 'Virulence', though strong in keeping their sense of Metal, were rather generic of the band and were far from their show stealers. However, later in the EP we are gifted with 'She is Death', a much more experimental and interesting twist that kicks up more energy for it's effort and is both more memorable and a more powerful hit. This continues to their next song 'Liberate' before finishing the EP with their pre-released single 'A Pure Heart', a song that I feel falls back down from their previous two.

Though their sound feels at times very much like Trivium, this EP does launch itself from this platform on a number of occasions and 'She is Death' and 'Liberate' are well worth a listen from the entire EP. Though the other songs have their moments, particularly in a more light hearted melody, I just feel that these two songs were stronger and more hard hitting. A worth effort from Griever and in this EP we're able to see how they've kicked up a lot of attention recently. 

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Twitter: @GrieverUK

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