Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The Ferns: ''Freebird Has Flown'' Single Review

I bet you all know/knew someone in a teen boy band. These often consist of a slightly below average singer, an out of rhythm drummer, an unoriginal Hendrix impersonating guitarist and a bass player who was recruited for the band only because he plays the cello in his school orchestra. Occasionally you might find an extra guitarist or triangle player in this sort of group, however this extra musician never makes up for the corny lyrics, written by the pretentious lead singer who thinks he’s the next generations poet, simply because he takes English Literature A level.

If you’re searching for genuine talent among young musicians, I urge you to check out ‘’The Ferns’’. They aren’t your ‘average teen boy band’ who strum around and play a couple of gigs and then all drop out once the stress of exam season hits them.

Bursting with talent and a bright future in the industry ahead of them; they aim to combine New York rock such as The Velvet Underground and the Strokes with groove based psychedelic sound drawing from bands such as Tame Impala and the Stone Roses. This Brighton based band is all around 18 years old and have been playing music in various Brighton bands for many years, they have both the experience and the charisma to live up to the sound they claim to make.

They only recently got together and have already managed to release a new single ‘’Freebird has flown’’. The sound is not overproduced and overpowering as one might expect with a new band, it is composed and really carefully put together. The song starts with an extremely catchy baseline and drums that are actually perfectly in sync with the rest of the piece, soon after, the Ian Brown-esque vocals accompany the rest of the music. The lyrics are clear and sung so well by the lead singer who has a really original and laid back vocal style. This single really frames the new bands originality, and I can imagine this song would sound incredible live, fuelled by an energetic crowd of teen fans. The band has both the distinct sound and also the image to prosper in the industry. Expect huge things from ‘’The Ferns’’. 

You can listen to "Freebird Has Flown" HERE.

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Twitter: @__theferns

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