Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Faultlines: 'All We've Ever Known' EP Review

Faultlines roll all that you could love about Melodic Metal and new wave Bring Me the Horizon styled riffs and synths with clean vocals into one bite size package. I won’t sit here and tell you it doesn’t work well together because I’d be lying but on paper it shouldn’t, however it’s quite addicting.

The EP packs a punch a whole throwing you into the deep end no questions asked, the title says it all, it’s like the band have only ever known Melodic Metal and that’s what you get, start to finish.

The highlights on the EP I find are the Starting three tracks ‘Buried’, ‘Drowning’ (which incidentally has a cool music video on Youtube) and ‘Weathered Bones’. All have catchy and well thought out lyrics and melodies with vocals paired with crowd chanting inducing instrumentation. Only one riff I felt was a tad lazy in ‘Drowning’ just because of its similarities to every Bring Me The Horizon riff like ever, but it does the job. Synths, Drums and Bass are on point throughout and just add that heavy depth to each song that you need in this genre.

‘All we’ve Ever Known’ is definitely a solid entry to the genre and is refreshing I think being as a lot of bands fall short of the mark. It’s nice to hear a band doing things differently and to be frank better and to a standard that should be expected.

The professional production of the EP only elevates its quality, proving that early productions for bands starting out now have a certain standard of production to aim too. In short the producer of the EP really knew what he was doing here, the band just sound professional.

8/10 Great EP, great ideas and Refreshing, I’m expecting big things in the future and especially if there is an Album in the works. A fresh blast of Melodic Metal.

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Twitter: @faultlines_band

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