Saturday, 14 May 2016

Even When Dead: Self-Titled EP Review

When Manchester's Even When Dead released there self titled EP on the 1st of April they weren’t messing around. After producing four solid tracks completely recorded, mixed and mastered themselves, they're proving they can do things their own way.

These guys tick all the boxes for sure, especially if you’re into your metalcore. With big chugging riffs, sing along choruses and a drummer that doubles up as a vocalist (think Atreyu and Underoath) these guys provide it all. Even though this isn’t a fresh sound it still holds its own.

Hitting hard with first track “Innocence Never Lasts” with riffs that ring clear with the metalcore era. With plenty of riffs and breakdowns this track will definitely get heads turning and heads banging. Fans of Hatebreed will relate to the anger and aggression provoked by this track to and there is no denying that these guys can write a catchy chorus that’ll get fists pumping.

Still sticking to strengths “White Lies” is another track which ticks yet more boxes. Sounding vocally like early As I Lay Dying these guys keep up tempo with big shredding guitars and vocals that I guarantee will get you screaming... “You won’t recall my name!"

10 seconds into “Dead End” and it screams EPIC!!! A beautiful contrast to the other songs on this EP, "Dead End" is simple but 100% effective and the song seems to flow nicely from clean vocals to screams.

The more I listen to this EP the more it reminded me of 2008, which by all means is not a bad thing. I loved the music scene back in 2008. My biggest wish though would be to hear a record with more production in it. As much as I appreciate the D.I.Y vibe, a bigger sounding record would open up new doors for these gentlemen for sure.

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Twitter: @EvenWhenDeadUK

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