Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Colour Of Spring: 'Pillow' Single Review

Colour of Spring are a lo-fi, shoegaze band based in Leeds. Their latest Single, 'Pillow' has recently been released as well as a video for the track.

Despite never having listened to these guys before, there is a certain level of accessibility involved in the simple opening to this track, easing the listener in before the full range of this band is explored later on. As with so much current indie music, guitar sounds are immediately reminiscent of the Stone Roses, with a simple yet effective opening line. Vocals are somewhat airy, yet manage to maintain a great presence throughout this track and really pull the verses of this track together, whilst still sounding perfectly washy and reverb soaked.

I particularly enjoy the ending of this track as it features a heavier passage which to me splits the track in two, the first half showcasing the shoe-gaze sounds on offer and the latter looking to the lo-fi influences for inspiration. Seeing such a huge range of sounds just within this track leaves me confident that their live shows must be pretty awesome as well!

Check the video for Pillow out below;


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