Tuesday, 3 May 2016

City Of Ashes: 'Rise' Album Review

Brighton band City Of Ashes implement haunting vibes into their music as well as a sense of sincerity. The act also manages to create enough urgency to keep the momentum flowing, never pondering on the outskirts of clich├ęs. And that’s a great thing, a really great thing, as many acts become disengaged from what they’re trying to achieve.

The band naturally add hooks to their music. It’s raw and atmospheric, commanding and compelling. There’s also lyrics there that are poetic and highly evocative and distinctive, keeping the band relevant. Being relevant in the fast-paced music industry is difficult, but City Of Ashes seem to have escaped the clutches of irrelevance. The new album is called Rise. And the band describe their feelings and hardships through the record that ultimately plays with the mind. They’re glued to the art of drama too, performing these songs like experts, proving that their hearts are in it.

Being artful these days takes guts and power, talent and perseverance. You have to be immersed in what you’re doing; you must capitalize on your strengths. City Of Ashes are a band that embrace the art and do know how to commit to their abilities.

Rise begins properly with Vipers Nest. It’s an atmospheric delight, generating well-toned vocals with powerful guitar lines. It exudes a haunting vibe. Save Me naturally grows, keeping the story of pain on point. The guitar work is fresh and it evolves brilliantly, gnashing like a pair of teeth. The lyrics stick to a formula of letting the truth go. Confessions is lyrically imaginative, portraying a fable of losing it all. The musicianship is clearly heard.

City Of Ashes breaks open new horizons for a band that do love the art-form that is music. There aren’t any sugar coated songs on this release, but songs that enforce a sense of sensibility and creativity.

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Twitter: @CityofAshes

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