Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Brookfield: 'Seas Of Gold' Single Review

So a month ago we checked out the incredible single 'Kaleidoscope' from rising artist Brookfield. Now we have been treated only shortly after with yet another single. The offer was too good for this reviewer, I just had to get my hands on it and review it.

With a similar vibe to the previous single though with the addition of some beautiful harmonies and an emotionally driven chorus 'Seas Of Gold' is another out of this world listen. With a real Woodkid vibe to this one vocally and an ambient feel again throughout the song holds a really distinctive and unique aura about it.

Brookfield just seems to have an art at for connecting with the listener in a way that is uniquely charming. Every word resonates whether you are listening from an outside perspective or personally connecting with the song. 'Seas of Gold' brings out so much imagery with every listen and it becomes more than music. This single really grabbed me again from the off. I simply cannot wait for more material in any way, shape form. Top stuff.

Check out 'Seas Of Gold' HERE.
And if you missed it check out previous single 'Kaleidoscope' HERE.

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