Saturday, 14 May 2016

Better Than Never: 'Homemade Hero' EP Review

Better Than Never’s EP ‘Homemade Hero’ is a real blast of authentic British Pop-Punk. The opening track ‘Head Shoulders Knees Bones’ drops you straight into what they are all about, fast paced drumming and catchy vocals.

I always say how oversaturated the Pop-punk genre is and how boring it can be, but hats off to the guys in Better Than Never for being different from the rest, and keeping one of my favourite genres alive and breathing with fresh content.

The whole EP seems to be classic in its themes however, lyrical content is typical of the genre but this is by no means a bad thing. Their sound is similar to both Neck Deep and The Story So Far, if both bands had a child it would probably be something like Better Than Never, but without American accents or put on accents.

My favourite track on the EP ‘Panama’ is a slower song of the bunch but in my opinion features the most warming and down to earth lyricism, paired with some emotional borderline screaming vocals nearing the end of the track. The instrumentation throughout the EP is top notch. With each listen you pick out more in the mix and can really tell the guys put their all into this release.

The production of the EP is great and it’s so refreshing were at a point in time where smaller up and coming bands can be recorded to a professional standard. In this case it showcases Better Than Never’s talent and I feel this band will be one to watch out for in the future. I’m excited to see what the guys produce for an album.

7/10. A great up and coming Pop-Punk band.

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Twitter: @BTN_UK

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