Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Bailer: 'Shaped By The Landscape' EP Review

This EP is a punch in the ears Metal and Hardcore fans all need in their lives quite frankly. In the first minute of track one ‘Failsafe’ you know what you’re in for. Fast pace hard hitting drums, paired with gritty vocals and intricate Guitar riffs with added Hardcore punk chord lines straight out of a ‘Sick of it All’ Album.

Second track ‘The Binding’ continues the destruction with interesting instrumentation from the drums especially that I have never heard in a Metal band. This keeps the music fresh and interesting exactly what I think the genre needs from an up and coming band.

If your ears are still intact by now Track Three ‘Anti-Venom’ begins with my favourite riff on the album. Its Metal guitar work at its finest, the kind of riff you would expect ‘Lamb Of God’ or ‘Machine Head’ to produce.

The final track ‘The Benefit of Doubt’ starts with guitar and gritty vocals portraying deep emotion. The track is a little slower but still just as heavy as the rest. You can really tell that Bailer poured their heart and soul into this EP and it has paid off.

7/10 This EP is a must for anyone into Metal, Metalcore and Hardcore. This band will go far for sure and their debut album is going to hit hard I assure you, check them out. A Debut EP release to shake the ground you stand on.

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