Saturday, 23 April 2016

Twin Haus ''Nothing Lavish'' EP Review

You’re in for a treat this April as Twin Haus have recently released their new 4 track EP titled ‘’Nothing Lavish’’ and it is astounding. The 4 piece Australian band have been described as Foals meets Radiohead meets Explosions in the Sky and I would say there are even some slight Jeff Buckley undertones to some of their tracks.

The first track is almost entirely 10 minutes long, but with the constant shift of sound and pace going on within this piece, you will even be left wishing for more. What strikes me about this particular track is the beautifully repetitive guitar melody and the haunting male vocals that interject at points throughout the build-up and breakup of instruments.

The piece starts off with simple guitar strings that sustain the song throughout the entire 10 minutes, slow to start off the first lyrics are ‘’well let me go’’ sung in a unique ‘’Jeff Buckley’’ like tone. Gradually a beat starts to emerge and progress, this shifts the general mood of the song from a calm and tranquil trance into a more fast paced yet still simple state. The entire song consists of drops and lifts of pace until eventually at the climax, a kaleidoscope of sound is created. With all the range of instruments, a clash of sound would be expected- however this is far from a clash. Everything is put together so tastefully and perfectly. There is only one way to describe this song, and that is ‘’breath-taking’’. This song is breath-taking.

The rest of the EP is just as impressive as the first track, with each song taking on a new feel yet still managing to maintain that ‘Twin Haus’ signature sound throughout it.  With certain parts of songs featuring stripped back echoes and just guitar strings, and other parts featuring more fast paced drum beats and a complete band, this EP covers it all.  It seeps talent, individuality and beauty. 

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Twitter: @twinhaus

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