Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Pegasus: 'Fairy Tale' - EP Review

I know some very good bands from France. The french metal scene is actually so much better than people would think, to the point I don't think it gets enough attention. Perhaps we're slowly getting there. One up-comer from Arras, France, are Pegasus. They only recently brought out their debut EP 'Fairy Tale' and are trying to make their mark.

'Fairy Tale' showcases five songs and opens with 'The Shadow of Our Soul' and offers an atmospheric start before some familiar sounding metalcore hits us. As an opener the song throws some atmosphere and melody at us and the vocalist really tries with a varied approach that pays off sometimes and at other times sounds strained and empty. This wasn't their best song and actually gives a poor impression of the rest of the EP. 'Mirror, Mirror' steps up the game with a bit more excitement and energy but still serves some of the first song's weaknesses. 'Fairy Tale' the title track is where the EP really starts to so some strength and perhaps would be better suited as an opening track. Showing a similar tendency for atmosphere which breaks into something at once melodic and strong. The choice of clean vocals actually help the song to build to the more brutal and exciting punches the song has to offer. On occasion the vocals falls to some weaker moments but is handled so much better here. We even have some groovier elements for good measure. 'Innocence' continues the energy and feels more like a guitarists song and continues the excitement established by the preceding track but the drums kick in for it's throw at the best of the EP. Finally, we end with a melodic moment from 'Sacrament' that energetically plays from this to it's heavier punches but is altogether a slight step down from the previous two tracks.

This EP is a impassioned cry from Arras, France, energetic but somewhat lacking in some areas. The EP isn't without good moments and I am sure that for avid Metalcore fans there is a lot to offer, particularly for the title track. 

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