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Noizze Interviews Blank Atlas

We at Noizze caught up with the dudes in Blank Atlas to talk new EP, new single, where this awesome name came from and Nick Cage vs Tom Cruise? Read and find out...

So we love finding out how bands got their names, how did Blank Atlas, and its name, come to be?

Tom: “We formed over 5 years ago now, we all went to school together in West Wales and started playing with each other and started gigging around the Aberystwyth area. It was a really small music scene so we’d usually play with the same 3 bands ;) We then all moved to Bristol for uni and here we are! We had quite a few potential names in the running and Blank Atlas seemed to win! There’s not particularly a meaning to the name it just sounds pretty cool ;) The word Atlas seems to fit nicely in a band name, I think.

So the new single is called 'Lost At Sea'. How would you describe it to a new listener?

Chris: Musically it’s an anthemic alt rock banger, it sounds like something off a Lower Than Atlantis or a Twin Atlantic record, the chorus is filled with vocal harmonies and there’s some riffs in there that give the song some edge.

What went into the writing and recording process of the single?

Dan: The song came pretty quickly really, I wrote the whole song in about 15 minutes and the lyrics came a few weeks after. It was really fun to record it because it was the first time we recorded with a great producer, we’ve only recorded by ourselves until recently. We can’t wait to go back to The Ranch and start recording the rest of our EP with Neil Kennedy.

Regarding the video for the single I see you say it is DIY-esque. Did you do it all yourselves?

Tom: Yeah, we seem to do all of our videos that way. Our personalities and sense of humour are very “unique” ;) So it’s probably for the best that we do it by ourselves, we’re quite weird…

But I seem to always forget how time consuming editing videos are, we’ve literally spent days and days putting it all together!

There is a lot going on in the video too! What made you choose what you did and why?

Dan: Basically we’re a bunch of lunatics so when we thought about what sort of video we wanted, it was obviously going to be CRAZY. It was really fun to shoot because we got to get dressed up in costumes, show off our “acting” skills and we got all of our friends to be involved which was great. The story is hard to explain but basically we “had” a lead singer but we chucked him out because he went off the rails and landed himself in a right state, you’ll have to watch the video to see what antics he gets up to.

You describe the release of this single as a new chapter. Why is that?

Chris: It’s the first single under our new moniker Blank Atlas and I think our sound, lyrics and recording quality have improved so much since our last release. We’ve evolved like a pokemon. We’re ready to move on to bigger and better things and take our sound to bigger stages. It really feels like we’re doing everything properly this time.

Would you say you sound like the bands that influence you?

Tom: Yeah, definitely! We’re heavily influenced by bands like Lower Than Atlantis, Don Broco, Arcane Roots, Biffy Clyro and even smaller bands like Press To Meco. All these influences are mashed together to create our beautiful sound. :’)

How would you say the music scene is holding up in Bristol? Has it been good to you?

Dan: It’s amazing! Especially coming from West Wales where there is only sheep and farmers. We’ve played most of the venues in Bristol now and they’re all amazing places to play. And obviously there are some awesome bands coming out like Liberto Wolf, Montroze, Fairview, Fridays Ashes, Loralie and Discount Colombo to name few (The list goes on!). Basically, everyone needs to get their butts down to Bristol!

What happens next for Blank Atlas? Tours? Shows? EP?

Tom: Well we’re heading into the studio very soon to finish our EP with Neil Kennedy, which is gonna be so much fun! Obviously we’ll be gigging relentlessly and hopefully venturing across the country, it’s all coming together at Blank Atlas HQ!

Finally, Who is most likely to win in a fight, Nicholas Cage or Tom Cruise? Please explain why.

Chris: Cruise is nowhere near a good a fighter as he seems in Mission Impossible, I’d back Nicko all the way. Can’t beat a bit of Cage RageTM in my opinion.

Check out the amazing new video for 'Lost At Sea':

You can download the new single for free at:

Facebook: /BlankAtlasOfficial
Twitter: @BlankAtlasBand

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