Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mavrick: 'Funeral' Single Review

Ask me a few years back and pop music was a no go. Recently however I have found a new respect for artists that aren't regurgitating the same samples and backing tracks and getting others to write their music for them. Much like a rock band these artists have hit the studio to craft and produce music and quite often in the most popular way to make it resonate with listeners. Introducing Mavrick and his latest single 'Funeral'.

Mavrick has managed to mix soulful vocals and the ambiance of a Hozier track to create a sound and song that feels fresh and current. It is also great to see the song is lyrically strong as well. Vocals are fantastic and the song as a whole hits the stratosphere with a catchy chorus that would fit on a playlist with the likes of Florence and the Machine and Hozier.

Mavrick says on the track - "I know Funeral is quite far from [Last track] Remedy but get used to it because I never want one song to sound like the other."

With a heap of praise and positive feedback behind him, Mavrick will surely be move from strength to strength providing he keeps dropping releases like this. He also has a debut album in the works and if it's an album of tracks like this then we are in for a treat!

Check out previous single 'Remedy':

FFO: Walk The Moon, Hozier, M83's

Facebook: /mavrickofficial
Twitter: @whoismavrick

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