Tuesday, 5 April 2016

LIVE REVIEW: Exodus w/ Lost Society & Chaos Trigger - The Globe 11/03/16

When you refer to the good old days, those early forays into the evolution of heavy music and, thrash in particular, you've got your go-to bands like Anthrax and Slayer who stand out as the big hitters as such, however, there are those who despite not being as dare I say mainstream, are just as big in both sound and influence. Exodus are one such band. Formed in 1979 in the now renowned Bay Area, California, and also celebrating 30 years since the release of seminal album "Bonded By Blood", they pull up into Cardiff to lay waste to and/or get wasted with the Welsh capital. Open up the pit...

The first support band opening up tonight are the brutally hard Welsh metal 5-piece CHAOS TRIGGER [6] and Jesus. F. Christ we're thrown right in at the deep end. Forget about warming up, it's go hard or go home with this lot from the very first chord, and tonight's early punters are subject to some truly ferocious, ear canal rupturing metal as soon as doors have opened. Tracks such as "Me And My Flamethrower" and "Bound In Skin" are as disturbing as their titles suggest while "Polar" and "Rust" are simply crushing. Despite already having gone through a handful of line-up changes thus far, they continue to build upon a strong debut album and when these guys click you can look out. This. Is. Heavy.

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Next up are the tours main support; Finnish thrashers LOST SOCIETY [9] and Pyhä Helvetti do they impress! Having only formed in 2010 these young Finns find themselves bringing a fresh, chaotic energy to the genre whilst perfectly mirroring the raw, frenetic style of their predecessors and tonight, Cardiff just laps it up by the riff-load. Promoting their third and most recent album; "Braindead", the 4-piece pummel The Globe with vicious vocals, screaming solo's and the mosh pits alone prove how well this is going. Tracks like "I Am The Antidote", "Rage Me Up" and "Riot" level tonight's crowd and EVERYBODY is loving it. Finland isn't famous for it's thrash but on tonight's evidence, that'll change pretty soon

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Finally then, when the youngsters have packed up and cleared the stage, its time for the mighty EXODUS [8] to rip Cardiff a new one and boy do they do just that. With a career spanning nearly four decades the veterans command both respect and attention from this packed venue tonight, with both sweat and beer flowing in equal measure. They tear through new tracks such as "Salt The Wound", "Blood In Blood Out" and "Body Harvest", whilst pleasing the fans of old with the likes of "A Lesson In Violence" and "Pleasures Of The Flesh", and when all is said and done, the room is practically obliterated. Humble as ever, vocalist Steve Souza thanks every single person in the room for not only tonight, but for keeping the spirit of metal in all it's glorious forms alive after so many years and like a true gentleman, he gets off stage to meet everyone personally after the show.

Exodus may be heading toward their twilight years, but if anything tonight proves two things...the fans, young and old will ALWAYS be here and the future of this genre is in damn good hands. Bonded by blood AND music...throw your fucking horns up...long live metal.

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