Friday, 1 April 2016

Giants: 'Break The Cycle' Album Review

Essex. Portrayed as home to the stereotypical modern day “lad”. A county that down to mainstream publications could be seen as a place lacking in energy and artistry. Enter Giants; the polar opposite to this, a punk rock band that above all else are equipped with enough energy to cannon themselves into the big picture sooner than some, maybe even they, expected.

After a releasing a few EP’s and gaining a loyal, passionate fan-base Giants have now applied their trade to their first full length release: ‘Break The Cycle’.

In truth, this debut LP showcases two bands; a Giants that is tough, ferocious, aggressive and above all us else, god damn talented. Another side of this record shows a Giants that is ever so slightly still rough around the edges, and looking to break away from formula.

The record is by far at its best during its shortest moments. Both album title track ‘Break The Cycle’ and ‘Eastbound’, which are both best described as the musical equivalent to a 1,000 man riot, deliver furious guitar tones and vocals, the likes of which make each track a 2 minute adrenaline fuelled joy.

In a strictly music sense, this record rarely steps away from brilliance. Guitarists Jack Longman and George Chitty spend the entirety of the album blowing minds, ear drums and blood vessels. ‘Did It Mean So Much To You’ and ‘Our Own Enemy’ both bring with them the kinds of riffs that are impossible to not fall in love with; effortless and crunchy. The production and musical graft of ‘Break The Cycle’ constantly stands out.

However, the introduction of Jack Longman onto vocals, mostly for melodic segments can sometimes take away from the intensity and passion and feel slightly forced. ‘I’m Not Around’ and ‘Misguided’ are both in perfect control by vocalist Ed Parker (whose vocals are consistently good throughout the record) but this is interrupted with the vocals of Longman, which are by no means poor, but perhaps don’t particularly fit here and leave a feeling of “Shall we just put a melodic bit in here?”

This is a theme that can be felt throughout the record as a whole, and does seem to take away from the listening experience. Ballad-esque style track ‘Evergreen’ though, is where the band as a whole get it right. From its pumping chorus to its empathy filled verses, in fact if this was to be a staple for Giants going forward, then we’re looking at a band that can reach incredible heights.

At times brilliant, and at times slightly frustrating ‘Break The Cycle’ is a record that at times can make us forget that we are listening to a young bands’ debut full length LP. Which in itself is something to be proud of. It’s an album that if anything, will be a platform to bigger, better and heavier things.

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