Tuesday, 12 April 2016

From Sorrow To Serenity: 'Remnant of Humanity' - Album Review

Reigning from Scotland From Sorrow To Serenity are bringing us their debut album April 22nd. They've come from strength to strength and seem to be doing very well for themselves. These metal mammoths showcase a powerful metal sound with energetic guitars and occasional atmospheric moments and a tearing vocal style that somewhat reminds me of Chimaira. Instrumentally they sometimes remind me of Periphery or Born of Osiris but what is important is the energy you can instantly feel from them.

'Remnant of Humanity' goes straight in there with an instrumental track 'Lost Our Way' and works as a good preview to what you're likely to hear throughout the rest of the album. We flow very well from track to track. They keep a sense of energetic brutality whilst from time to time giving a background melodic atmosphere. 'Forsaken' is a good example of this. Generally they keep a constant energy that keeps a consistent sound and offering up songs to take a next grab at your playlist. When the song work they really work and it's the moments of melody behind the power that really makes the band a staying power. Showstealers include songs like 'Break the Mould', 'The Divide' 'Nescient' and 'The Way Back'. However, I have to give special mention to songs like 'Illusive' that build a song in two parts quite well going from a smash to the face to bringing you back up to a party – or with 'Attrition' quite the reverse. 'Attrition' has the opposite build into that blunt force trauma but is albeit brief at 57 seconds.

All in all this was a strong album from From Sorrow To Serenity. They certainly are riding their highs and offering up some good songs for you to bang your heads and scream to. One of the wonderful things about metal is the sheer energy and power you can feel from your favourite bands and this album makes a fight for your spot, whether they make it or not is for you to decide.

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