Friday, 15 April 2016

Create To Inspire: 'Home Is Where My Heart Dies' EP Review

Hailing from Essex, Create To Inspire are an engaging and raw post-hardcore band, a reputation that is not diluted by the release of EP "Home Is Where My Heart Dies".

The gripping "History" opens the record, providing a well-mixed balance of aggression and assertion, sounding like an effective foil for While She Sleeps and some early Deaf Havana. There's a Meteora-era Linkin Park to the opening notes of "Counting Days" before a pop-punk sensibility drives the chorus. It's a combination that works, CTI providing an enjoyable cocktail of melody and mania.

The band show a more thoughtful side on "Don't Let Go", a clean riff providing some off-set ambiance before the hardcore vocals return. Title track "Home Is Where My Heart Dies" completes an energetic and polished EP, ranging in radio-friendly tempos and cadences that will surely appeal to the tightly jeaned masses gathering at a skate park near you.

Facebook: /createtoinspireuk
Twitter: @CTIUKOfficial

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