Monday, 4 April 2016

Cold Summer: 'Fight To Survive' EP Review

Last time I listened to Cold Summer they had released a single that I believe was called Car Crash. Unlike it's title, I was impressed by the  bands sound. Now their latest EP 'Fight To Survive' hit my inbox and I bagged that right away. Let's take a listen.

Latest single 'Bear Eats Wolf' is an ambient opener that leads to a full blown assault. Shredding riffs pave the way for guttural screams. They may be slightly muffled yet hold the brutality all the same. The inclusions of cleans that pound in on the chorus make for a modern sounding Papa Roach in the most complimentary way possible. Overall a fantastic introduction.

Low and behold, 'Car Crash (In Progress)' is the third track on the EP. It's nice to see the inclusion of the track on the EP and it's just as impressive as when I first heard it. 'Coins Fall (But Don't Make It)' slots in at track four (see what I did there?). I'm not sure i'm wholly keen on the production on the screams and whether they fit into this slightly less intense song but cleans are on point.

'Waiting' brings back the ferocity I like to hear in the form of pure riffage. Standing out as a personal highlight on the EP this is the sort of music that Cold Summer need to be making, injecting the right amount of cleans/screams, riffs/drums and my favourite... brutality. Final track 'Something, Nothing, No-one' holds the pace of the track previous and brings with it some stand-out lead guitar and vocal harmonies. Mixing it up enough to keep it interesting but holding the bands sound it's the definition of going out on a bang.

First single 'A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire' is a little less hardcore, a little more anthemic rock but the band hold the desired feel of the EP. The fast-paced vocal sections blend effortlessly into the song and Dan Feast (Vocals) holds his own well, at times soaring.

Cold Summer released this EP under the title 'Fight To Survive', rather appropriately some would say. It doesn't stand out as groundbreaking or innovative but it's another solid release from a band that are definitely fighting to survive. Great listen.

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