Monday, 4 April 2016

Chisel Beeches: 'In A Week, On A Whim' EP Review

Chisel Beeches' latest release 'In A Week, On A Whim' was released the first of this month and I couldn't make my mind up on whether I loved it or hated it. That in itself is a factor that the band have going for them, polarising is good. So strap in while I spend six tracks worth of music on repeat trying to figure out what my thoughts are.

'Take You Home' is an odd blend of hardcore and punk mixed with sporadic screams and echoey cleans. Does that sound like a lot to take in? Well it is. The single is definitely a Love/Hate one and I think after a few listens most will fall on the love side of that equation. There is definitely something infectious about the bands sound.

'Bloke Next Door' holds more of a consistent sound throughout. With an Arctic Monkeys vibe the pace is consistent and the hooks are catchy from start to finish.  The song tells a story and clearly does so for the listener. It isn't until third track in 'Tracy' that I feel comfortable with the bands sound. The song has a great blend of chunky riffs and catchy hooks and provides plenty of melody from start to finish.  That said, the screams and mini breakdown section feels a little out of place. 'You Are Your Friends' is charming vocally though seems to trudge on a bit rarely increasing velocity or moving past minor head bobbing speed.

'Ghosts'is a personal highlight that brings all of the positives I enjoyed in previous tracks and adds a catchy chorus. Again the predictable breakdown section is slotted in but the track sounds great as a whole piece. Final track 'You're Boring' resonates with this Coheed fan and adds a sprinkle of You Me At Six to round off a very up and down EP but a wholly enjoyable listen.

'In A Week, On A Whim' took a few listens to fully understand. It ended with me scratching my head on how to word this review but I wanted to listen to it again. There are moments where the band excel but there are a lot of chops and changes in the songs with parts that can feel out of place and unnecessary. Other times feel like Coheed and Cambria collided with The Kooks and the outcome is a little shady and extraordinary.

FFO: Press To Meco, Coheed and Cambria, Canterbury

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