Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Brookfield: 'Kaleidoscope' Single Review

Sometimes you just listen to a song and it hits you right in the feels... I apologise I am getting ahead of myself, Duncan Brookfield is a singer/songwriter/producer and has been musical since the age of 11. Having studied music at the prestigious BRIT School he honed skills as a songwriter and producer whilst gigging his tits off. Since the release of his debut EP 'Cloud 9' it is safe to say Brookfield has been smashing it. Now he has gone and released a banger of a single, check it...

'Kaleidoscope' had me within seconds. Sonically driven, the introduction of an engrossing piano line followed shortly after by commanding vocals and strong lyrics that resonate with the listener. Much like when Imagine Dragons dropped 'Radioactive' and launched their way to fame 'Kaleidoscope' has a similar feel.

The single dwarfs the previous material in terms of both production and clarity. It is basically a huge step up from a foundation created by a very young and aspiring artist. Put simply, one should be very interested in checking out this incredibly fresh sound that will have you hooked in an instant.

Check out the breathtaking single via THIS LINK.

FFO: Imagine Dragons, Woodkid, Ben Howard

Facebook: /brookfieldmusicuk

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