Friday, 15 April 2016

48 Hours: 'Expectations' Album Review

Bludgeoningly heavy, 48 Hours open their album with a sledgehammer of a riff in "Martyr" before a powerful chorus. The band have a mix of modern styles with a a classic-rock feel.

The riffs are simple but effective, "Given Up" not breaking the classic four chord rule with a head-bobbing sway that has a warm, familiar feel to it. The guitar work is comparable to later Disturbed works, particularly in tone but unlike David Draiman's animalistic brutality one listens to 48 Hours craving a more aggressive approach vocally. As a result the band feel somewhat like a halfway house between genres and rather than being very good in one, tend to be decent at both.

That said, the music makes this writer grimace in the way only good metal can, though the troll-like grin fades somewhat later on in the songs. It's powerful stuff, the opening guitar line to "Price You Pay" is a sound I can imagine punching someone in a dark room to (believe me that's a compliment) but I'd probably feel guilty after the second verse.

As a result the album is enjoyable, ticking several of hard rock's boxes numerous times, just not as many as you'd hope.

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