Saturday, 12 March 2016

We Are Satellites: 'Transmissions' EP Review

Edinburgh's own We Are Satellites have released their debut record 'Transmissons' and it's just a little bit good. From start to finish this concept EP throws out anthem after anthem. The concept behind it is based from the perspective of a soldier sent to war after his relationship breaks down and documents the struggle he has to separate these two events.

From the likes of 'Shades' to single 'Soldier' the band mix soaring vocals with hard-hitting drums and fist pumping riffs. Each track is injected with life and instrumentally flows very naturally between songs. The concept clearly changes after the second transmission track and the songs focus' shift. It is very cleverly crafted and worked as a whole piece. Highlights include the catchy chorus of 'Electric Blue' and the emotive track 'Waves'.

The transitions between tracks are phenomenal. Personally I love an EP or album that tells a story or has some form of concept. Much like the EP name there are transition tracks within the song named transmissions part one, two and three with a small piece of writing in brackets that also explains the feeling of these instrumental tracks. They act as amazing imagery that engages the listener in expanding the EP.

A truly special EP and one the band should whole-heartedly be proud of. This is an ambitious effort from the band, especially one releasing something on this scale as a debut, but it has paid off big time. I need say no more, just go and listen!

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