Monday, 28 March 2016

Values: 'Broken Nation' - EP Review

Expect big things in the future from this band but look to the present ‘Broken Nation’ for a heart-felt kick in the teeth…

Firstly I’d like to credit Values on their Extended Play (EP) ‘Broken Nation’ for being truly graced with enough content to warrant its price. It is often unusual to see a band or artist releasing an EP nowadays with 4 tracks on it let alone 8, but is it quantity driven rather than quality?

The short answer is not at all, if to you a good metal band is something to head bang to and break some teeth, this EP will not disappoint you in the slightest, however under the surface there is a wealth of content creeping through with well thought out melodic riffs and heart felt/meaningful lyricism my favourite being ‘Just because you exist doesn’t mean you’re alive’ from Blind Ignorance.

The opening track ‘Pros and Cons’ sets the tone for the EP perfectly, hard hitting and void of an notion that this band are fairly new to the genre. If you are unfamiliar with the band after giving this EP a listen I’m confident they will grace your playlist with the likes of Heart of a coward and The Ghost Inside.

Usually a Metalcore band will bore me quite easily unfortunately, Values kept me interested combining head breaking riffs with skull crushing breakdowns and furthermore show casing their ability to infuse all of these Metalcore staples with softer riffs reminiscent of La Dispute and the Post-Rock direction we were promised with Bring Me The Horizon, which they failed to deliver.

The title track ‘Broken Nation’ displays the band’s sound the greatest; grounded and heart felt Melodic Metalcore. If you’re a metal fan definitely check this EP out. I feel this band will go far in the genre and I’d love to see them play with a similar up and coming band like Acres with a headline of Bury Tomorrow.

Don’t sweat the small is a perfect ending to the EP featuring the heaviest riff I have heard in a while, reminiscent of Sad But True by Metallica, a riff that If played fast loses its heavy tone.

For me the EP stands a strong 7/10 the riffs are beautiful, the percussion and bass work are very good and the lyricism and overall performance is perfect. Hats off to the producer and studio also as the sound is brilliant too. Only issue I can think of is that I felt tracks Alone and Denounced would have served the EP better if they were just as one track but that would be nit picking.

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