Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Nervous Wreckords - 'The Nervous Wreckord' EP Review

‘’The Nervous Wreckord (part 1)’’ is the latest, fresh EP by The Nervous Wreckords. Bursting with energy, power and dynamism, I urge you to check it out. With spine-tingling guitar riffs, and heart-pumping drum beats I would describe the sound itself as something similar to that of early David Bowie, The Killers and The Black keys. Huge names, I know! But I promise the band lives up to these huge musicians.

The record itself is a magical blend of pop rock and indie.  It features heavily rock and roll orientated guitar riffs on the second steamy track of this record called ‘’Crazy Drugs’’. The title says it all. This song is fun, playful and features creatively witty lyrics such as ‘’I’ll give you love, if you give me crazy drugs’’. Even though the track itself contains so many elements of The Kinks, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Brian Karscig truly does know how to create something so classically original and innovative.

The entire record transitions between indie rock anthems such as ‘’Out Run The Animal’’ and more alternative/beachy pop sounding instrumentals from ‘’This wont be the same’'. This record truly does have it all. It’s really impressive in a sense that so many sounds and styles are explored, yet there is still an element of completeness and specific style that sets the band apart from any other.

Facebook: /thenervouswreckords

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