Friday, 25 March 2016

Matt Grocott and The Shrives: 'You're A Part Of Me' - Single Review

British Punk Rock is not dead unfortunately for mom and dad it lives and breathes vibrantly today…

At first I listened to the acoustic track ‘You’re a part of me’ with a cynical drive in my heart. The song is so chilling and so relatable to anyone who has loved and lost i.e. everyone I suppose. Vibrant and subtle vocal lines tell the narrative of a soul lost in a vat of angst and longing for a relationship gone sour combined with ambient guitar melodies. The song is truly engaging and brilliant in its simplicity.

At this moment I ignored what I considered to be a low budget and disappointing music video and concentrated on the song itself, beautifully produced by Billie Joe Armstrong and recorded at Jingletown Studios in California. I wondered why would this godlike figure of Punk-Rock produce this particular genre and then after some digging into the band it hit me.

Further listening and watching their Music Videos on Youtube ‘When did you get home’ in particular, I noticed the massive potential in this band and I could now clearly see why Green Day’s front man took on the role of producing their music. It’s simple this band embodies and breathes 70-80s British Punk-Rock, One of Billie Joes favourite bands is The Clash, same as me, and the similarities in music are jarring.

I feel this band have a great future ahead of them and are the kind of band Britain needs in the genre to re-establish Punk-Rock and ‘You’re a part of me’ only adds to the bands versatility and potential to be chart topping band…Hats off to them, they’re creating something special, although I think the music video would of benefitted from some narrative shots.

8/10 – all round great song and great band, let’s bring back the totally not dead genre of Punk-Rock, sorry again mom and dad.

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