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Secrets of the Moon, Dodheimsgard, Thulcandra and Our Survival Depends on Us - Live Review

In the black heart of London and in the root of its alternative culture we can find the World's End. Well The World's End pub anyway. Now under here can be found an intimate little venue called The Underworld – I've always found that so beautifully fitting! This venue you can find some surprisingly big acts playing some very intimate shows for its fans and it was here we managed to catch Secrets of the Moon on tour. This black mass of evil saw support from acclaimed bands like the Norweigan Dodheimsgard, also from Germany – Thulcandra, and from Austria – Our Survival Depends On Us. This was to be a Black Metal ritual of atmosphere and evil. As we entered the venue we were greeted with a very typical Black Metal crowd – almost not there.

Our Survival Depends On Us were the strangest on the list, fitting in awkwardly with the rest of the line up. Their offer of music brings new realisations to the idea that Black Metal can be spells and rituals. Their music being the most experimental of the bunch and most different from their counterparts also. It looks like their music is truly performed. This gave a unique start to the evening but also strong. Their music blended into their performance to give a powerful presence on stage made all the better by bone and wood. It would be hard to imagine them outside of a live experience. But their punch left a good bruise, even if it was of a colour you wouldn't quite expect.

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Thulcandra give something a bit more traditional in the realms of Black Metal and at points I felt I could catch a guitar line or two reminiscent of late Emperor. Far from the previous band they were all in to the music and gave a focused and strong metal scar on peoples ears. Their brutality scathing in a raw sound of darkness. Their energy picked up with every song and it seemed by the very end they were made all the stronger and ready to go out with a bang. The fact that their sound and performance picked up by the end really made them into something well worth watching. Their give their metal hard and straight up with the Black Metal flair.


Dodheimsgard were actually my personal band of the evening but unfortunately this also brought with me a critical stance. Dodheimsgard are a well respected name in Black Metal and this is well deserved. They play well, perform well and it makes you feel the way Black Metal should and yet it was just that. I may have been hyping them up a bit too much for myself but I felt that they could have been and played better. This actually isn't to say that they weren't a strong band and weren't one of the better bands of the night but I did leave feeling I hadn't quite had that special something.

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Finally we come to Secrets of the Moon. Here we have some powerful Metal and it offers up some strong hits. They hit the spot and it lands well. This is some good Metal and it's done very well. By the time the evening has come to its glorious end there's always a sense of energy built up and ever eager for that all important climax. It's why some of the bigger bands headline and it's also why some of the first bands on have a hard time. The audience are just ready and prepped by this point. However this does mean that something is well needed by that final punch, that good release of a strong Metal energy into a moshpit or headbang that has been craved throughout the night. Secrets of the Moon are by no means a bad act and it wasn't a bad performance but it did lack this climax. It wasn't the best end to the evening as it felt like it could have been and perhaps even on other nights they've performed a lot better. Though as I said they do their thing very well and it was a good end just not a great end.

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A great gig all in all. Some good metal madness and some evil riffs and dark performances throughout. This made for a very good evening and powerful night of Metal. The bands proved their strength and delivered some high grade music. There were a good variation with the bands and their definitely worth looking into. Though some will vary a lot to their performances with Our Survival Depending On Us being the most crucial band to see live first. 

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